The Resolution Hump

It’s a new year, and often we start the year off making a list of things we want to change about ourselves. However, by now the excitement we felt about beginning a new year is somewhat starting to fade, and we slowly start seeing old habits creep back into the routine. Change is never easy, but through laughter and meditation you just might make it through the New Year Resolution Hump.

Meditation is a great way to set daily affirmations. Start your day off the right way with a positive attitude. Taking the time to meditate on how your day will go and envisioning yourself taking on any obstacle and succeeding is one way to boost self-confidence. So take the time in the morning shower, ride to work, or even before the second snooze alarm to envision yourself sticking to that new year resolution.

Throughout the day, laughter is a stress reliever and overall when you smile it triggers the brain to release endorphins. If your new year resolutions had anything to do with quitting a bad habit (such as smoking), smiling could be a great way to combat the stress that makes you reach for something.

Overall, I hope this short post helps you get over the Resolution Hump. And rememeber to try and laugh more.

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