For Laughter Workshops:

“Hi Bronwen, The general feedback from staff was that the workshop was quite fantastic, but a little confronting. However they also said that it was a great thing, because it took everyone out of their comfort zone, and enabled them to break up their day in a really positive way!

Some of the comments: ‘Nothing like wearing a pig on your head, to ensure a smooth induction into the new work place’.

‘I really enjoyed the workshop and can’t wait for the next one!

I found the workshop interactive and of course very funny. Those who attended certainly benefited from your presence, it broke up their work laden day, and created nice team morale. Thanks. Great work!”

Joelle Lenehan
‘Sunrice’ in Sydney

“Dear Bronwen and Kathryn, I would like to thank you both for the fantastic laughter filled team-building event that you created for the volunteers of MNDAWA.

Motor Neurone disease is a tragic disease as it causes a progressive and fatal degeneration of the nervous system responsible for muscular activity, usually in a relatively short time (18 months to three years). This knowledge can often create a perspective of sorrow and seriousness. Our aim on the MNDAWA volunteer day was to get the volunteers to understand that although there is a lot of grief surrounding MND and its fatal outcome, there are a myriad of ways that we can assist to enable joyful and positive moments while the person is living with the disease. Your workshop did that and more.

Bronwen, you taught us to laugh when we had no reason to – what a gift! We will carry your teachings with us for all time, and thank you for that every time we use our own laughter to bring joy to another. Your energy was amazing and so very infectious – it still amazes me that a grown woman can come into a room and transform it like that, yet still retain a great level of professionalism that I admired. Some of the volunteers on the day were in their 80’s and you had their inner children out and playing within minutes of your arrival! Yahooo.

As a team building event I have to say that this workshop was extremely successful (and fun). The interactive training session that followed the laughter workshop was very powerful thanks to you getting people to open up and share. We will have no hesitation in recommending you, and Laughter Works Australia to other organizations and businesses we come into contact with.”

Cindy Evans BPE MEd
MNDAWA Service Support Advisor

“Bronwen you made everyone feel comfortable in the workshop. Most people had not met before, and it was the beginning of a weekend where people didn’t know what to expect. Your Laughter Workshop put us all in such a great mood for the weekend together, thanks!”

Samantha Harris
Carer Support Coordinator – Hill Community Support Group Inc

“Thank you for such an entertaining and informative evening with our staff on this occasion. The night was heaps of fun, and certainly broke down some barriers within our workplace.”

Ivan Barton
State General Manager – National 1 Limited

“You have the amazing ability to bring out the child in people. Yippee! Making them feel at ease, being silly and giggly again. It felt really fantastic to laugh, and to laugh at laughter itself. It was so infectious. Our whole bodies were invigorated and our faces were sore and red from laughing. But we still wanted more!”

Lorrie Noakes
Education Assistant and VITAL Conference Committee Member VITAL

For The Courage to be Resilient:

“Bronwen Williams is an inspiring individual. She is an accomplished author, workshop facilitator and earthy humourist who brings much joy into this world and into the lives of so many people. Through her extensive experience in running workshops across the country she helps to unleash the laughing imp in all of us, leading the way into the absurdity of existence as much as its true core, rich in meaning and understanding.

Her book “The Courage to be resilient” is a wonderful guidebook for managing the stress within ourselves as much as the stress generated from outside of us. It is an easy to read guide to applying practical and effective methods for self-inquiry into one’s own idiosyncratic action and reactions to the challenges of life on planet earth.
This book is an open and honest account of Bronwens own dealings with adversity and disappointment and how she came to the wise understanding that out of any distressing circumstance and experience comes the opportunity to grow and open ones heart to new possibilities for personal and universal change.

I thoroughly recommend this book to any one working in the health and education professions particularly mental health practitioners, teachers, youth workers, aged care staff, workshop facilitators, counsellors and the individual seeking to enhance their understanding of themselves and the world.”

Jane Harty Artist and Vocational Teacher
(BA Animation, MA creative Arts, GRAD DIP. Training and Development)

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Do you ever wonder how you will get through the next day, let alone the next hour? Would you like to strengthen your determination and build lasting courage and resilience?

The Courage To Be Resilient written by Bronwen Williams, is raw, honest, often tragic account of one strong woman's fight for survival. One of seven children of an extremely dysfunctional family, Bronwen's childhood included abuse of every kind, gross neglect, institutions and foster homes.

The Courage To Be Resilient is available in the following formats:

Bronwen Williams has been presenting and facilitating corporate laughter workshops and seminars for over 13 years

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