You can’t stop stress from happening — but you CAN help how you respond to it.

You know you’re stressed, and you know you should do something about it. But no matter who you are — a full-time worker, a full-time parent, or even a star athlete — there’s this sinking idea that stress is insurmountable. Here’s the truth: You don’t beat stress like an opponent in a video game, nor […]


OUT NOW: ‘The Courage to Be Resilient’

Joyologist/Author/Speaker and Laughter WorksAustralia CEO, Bronwen Williams, has released her incredible personal collection of stories of growing up surrounded by mental illness. The Courage To Be Resilient is a powerful Inspirational Self help book,packed with priceless tips and strategies on how we can muster extraordinary courage and strength during the most trying times in our […]


Bronwen Williams Radio Interview

Listen to Bronwen on a New York online Radio Program called ‘Spiritual and Irritable’. Click here


Do What You Love for a Healthy Heart

The Herald Sun shared a post from Body + Soul and discussed how happy people are less likely to develop heart disease. According to a study from Columbia University in New York the happier someone was, the less likely they were to develop heart disease. Out of the 1739 men and women studied for 10 […]


Tips for enhancing happiness and wellbeing

Story from The Age Newspaper: Download the PDF here

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Do we make enough vocal sounds?

Do we make enough noise? In most traditional and “primitive” societies, there is far more talking, shouting, singing, laughing and general human noise in the community than there is in a typical rich Western country home or street. Our voice boxes are made to be used, and if we have long days without speech or […]


7 Reasons to wrap your tonsils around some hearty Giggles!

Serious times can lead to serious conditions … including the most serious condition of all – Seriousness! So, here are the 7 excellent reasons to wrap your tonsils around some hearty giggles! 1. It’s fun! 2. It boosts your immune system 3. Laughter balances blood pressure 4. It breaks down barriers between us and others […]


Why Stress Can Kill You: A Cardiologist Explains

As I rushed into the Emergency Center to treat what the ER doc had texted was “a lady with a friggin’ big heart attack,” I was surprised to see a nicely dressed woman sobbing quietly, but not in as much distress as I usually encountered in this setting. Read more at


We are ALL Diamonds!

Hiya! It’s a beautiful day, sitting on my balcony here in Melbourne, Australia, listening the birds chirping whilst I sip on my morning ‘kefir’. I hope your day is just as beautiful! Okay, I have finally overcome my years of procrastination over writing a Blog …. and here it (finally!) is ­ TaDah! I am […]


The Resolution Hump

It’s a new year, and often we start the year off making a list of things we want to change about ourselves. However, by now the excitement we felt about beginning a new year is somewhat starting to fade, and we slowly start seeing old habits creep back into the routine. Change is never easy, […]


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Do you ever wonder how you will get through the next day, let alone the next hour? Would you like to strengthen your determination and build lasting courage and resilience?

The Courage To Be Resilient written by Bronwen Williams, is raw, honest, often tragic account of one strong woman's fight for survival. One of seven children of an extremely dysfunctional family, Bronwen's childhood included abuse of every kind, gross neglect, institutions and foster homes.

The Courage To Be Resilient is available in the following formats:

Bronwen Williams has been presenting and facilitating corporate laughter workshops and seminars for over 13 years

Bronwen has received My Business Awards in the following Categories

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