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Bronwen-WilliamsLaughter Works Australia is owned and operated by Bronwen Williams. Bronwen has been presenting laughter, juggling and motivational workshops and seminars for over 13 years. She works predominately within corporate, health and educational structures, and is passionate about Making a Difference!

Laughter Works Australia achieved awesome business awards for WA Emerging Business and WA Alternate Lifestyle. Laughter Works Australia has been a finalist in the National MyBusiness Awards in the ‘Solopreneur’ category, and was also the Runner up in the Small Business Awards for ‘Innovative New Enterprise’.

Bronwen has been featured on Channel Seven’s, Today Tonight, for her work assisting teenage mothers develop self-esteem. She is regularly seen on TV, interviewed on radio, and seen in newspapers and magazines throughout Australia.

Bronwen has recently published her inspirational Self Help book, ‘The Courage To Be Resilient’.

Testimonials for The Courage To Be Resilient:

“Bronwen Williams is an inspiring individual. She is an accomplished author, workshop facilitator and earthy humourist who brings much joy into this world and into the lives of so many people. Through her extensive experience in running workshops across the country she helps to unleash the laughing imp in all of us, leading the way into the absurdity of existence as much as its true core, rich in meaning and understanding.

Her book “The Courage to be resilient” is a wonderful guidebook for managing the stress within ourselves as much as the stress generated from outside of us. It is an easy to read guide to applying practical and effective methods for self-inquiry into one’s own idiosyncratic action and reactions to the challenges of life on planet earth.

This book is an open and honest account of Bronwens own dealings with adversity and disappointment and how she came to the wise understanding that out of any distressing circumstance and experience comes the opportunity to grow and open ones heart to new possibilities for personal and universal change.

I thoroughly recommend this book to any one working in the health and education professions particularly mental health practitioners, teachers, youth workers, aged care staff, workshop facilitators, counsellors and the individual seeking to enhance their understanding of themselves and the world.”

Jane Harty Artist and Vocational Teacher
(BA Animation, MA creative Arts, GRAD DIP. Training and Development)

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Do you ever wonder how you will get through the next day, let alone the next hour? Would you like to strengthen your determination and build lasting courage and resilience?

The Courage To Be Resilient written by Bronwen Williams, is raw, honest, often tragic account of one strong woman's fight for survival. One of seven children of an extremely dysfunctional family, Bronwen's childhood included abuse of every kind, gross neglect, institutions and foster homes.

The Courage To Be Resilient is available in the following formats:

Bronwen Williams has been presenting and facilitating corporate laughter workshops and seminars for over 13 years

Bronwen has received My Business Awards in the following Categories

  • Innovative New Enterprise
  • Emerging Business
  • Solopreneur
  • Alternate Lifestyle
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