7 Reasons to wrap your tonsils around some hearty Giggles!

Serious times can lead to serious conditions … including the most serious condition of all – Seriousness!

So, here are the 7 excellent reasons to wrap your tonsils around some hearty giggles!

1. It’s fun!
2. It boosts your immune system
3. Laughter balances blood pressure
4. It breaks down barriers between us and others
5. Releases happy hormones
6. Improves sleep
7. you will be fun to be round!

Lack of giggles – It starts with irregularhilarity – you find yourself laughing less and less, until your laugh force is eventually compromised! A weakened laugh force leads to irony deficiency and truth decay, or, heaven forbid, a full-blown case of humorrhoids – an enlargement of the onus, where you feel so much weighty responsibility that the only thing you are able to pass is heavy judgments – Yuk!

In fact, some researchers believe this increased seriousness is a global phenomenon that has actually compromised the planetary laugh force, creating a hole in the Bozone Layer – the Earth’s ‘clown chakra’!

Fortunately, I have just the cure for you! – A Laughter session! Heeheehahahehaha

It’s just like taking the lid off a whistling kettle. When you laugh, you reduce the heavy load on your nervous system, give your internal organs a workout, and start feeling happy again …. Nice!

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