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Bronwen Williams joyologist, laughter and stress relief speaker

Bronwen Williams

YOUR main objective is to create a happy, productive, resilient, well and bonded workforce. OUR main objective is to make sure you achieve that.

Happiness in the workplace is BIG news at the moment!

Are there new changes and/or restructuring going on in your workplace…?
Are your staff experiencing burn out and stress.
Absenteeism becoming a problem?

Well, you’ve come to the right place … we’re here to help!

It seems these days there is so much more pressure to do more work, of a higher quality, in less time, in more innovative ways, with a reduced budget … no wonder we’re all so stressed!


Resilience through laughter

Laughter is a vital tool in developing resilience.

The power of laughter can help teams develop resilience in times of high stress.

Resilience shows up as; The ability to see the Silver lining, Determination, Optimism and Resourcefulness.

Laughter is directly related to our health, but as a nation we laugh less and less. Stress and tension are literally killing us! So let’s take some time out, turn things around a little, and have a few stress relieving belly laughs!!! It’s time to recreate our thoughts and beliefs about laughter and discover new ways to relax and have fun.

Laughter is the body’s natural way of ridding us of stress and anxiety, but we are so busy being ‘mature’, ‘respectable’ and ‘controlled’ that we don’t allow ourselves to laugh and play. We are all now dealing with the consequences.

The Australian Government spends an average of $20,000,000 a year on avoidable sick leave, and as private citizens we are all paying for it through our taxes.