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“Hi Bronwen, the general feedback from staff was that the workshop was quite fantastic, but a little confronting.

However they also said that it was a great thing, because it took everyone out of their comfort zone, and enabled them to break up their day in a really positive way!

‘I really enjoyed the workshop and can’t wait for the next one! I found the workshop interactive and of course very funny.

Those who attended certainly benefited from your presence, it broke up their work laden day, and created nice team morale. Thanks. Great work!”

Joelle Lenehan – ‘Sunrice’ in Sydney
“Thank you for such an entertaining and informative evening with our staff on this occasion. The night was heaps of fun, and certainly broke down some barriers within our workplace.”

Ivan Barton State General Manager – National 1 Limited

Forget boring Conference ice breakers!

  • Banish that bleary-eyed 9am feeling, or invigorate that post-lunch ‘graveyard slot’ of your next conference or meeting!
  • Our unique and interactive Laughter Ice Breakers dramatically transform the atmosphere in any room!
  • Within minutes, participants will be engaging, interacting, laughing, refreshed and ready for the rest of your conference!
  • Nothing else comes close to the impact of our Laughter Ice Breakers in terms of fun, stimulation and interaction.
  • Guaranteed to be memorable!
  • Organizing corporate events takes you and your company time, effort and money, so it’s crucial for you to maximise the benefit of the time your people are out of the office or shop floor.

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Bronwen Williams has been presenting and facilitating corporate laughter workshops and seminars for over 13 years

Bronwen has received My Business Awards in the following Categories

  • Innovative New Enterprise
  • Emerging Business
  • Solopreneur
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